DebonAIR™ Sani-Band

DebonAIR™ Sani-Band

DebonAIR™ Sani-Band

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.No matter the time or place, the DebonAIR™ Sani-Band will always be ready when you need it!

Imagine all the places you go and everything you touch on a daily basis!

 ★ Perfect for anyone who travels constantly, works in the health care or service industry and interacts with people daily.  Designed for just about anyone!

★ Kiddos are going back to school and parents want to keep their children as safe as possible.  Most convenient way to ensure your kids are sanitizing when necessary.

★ No more fear of forgetting your bottle of sanitizer or feeling too lazy to grab it out of your bag or back-pocket.

List of places where the Sani-Band is used most: Grocery Store, Convenient Store or Gas Station, Fitness Gym, Hiking or Camping, Schools and the list goes on!

★ Providing the added convenience and protection for yourself and most importantly, the ones you love. Easy access goes a long way!



Why everyone needs the Sani-Band?

 Adjustable band that works for ALL AGES: Designed to be one size fits all but recommended for ages 7 & up.

★ Light-weight, easy to carry and convenient for anyone who is on the go!

★ Designed with High-Grade silicone to prevent any concerns of allergic reaction to the skin. [FDA approved, BPA Free and LFGB Silicone Material]

★ Flexible, durable and smooth to the touch! Heat resistant and waterproof, no worries of decolorization or deformation under any condition.

★ Cleaning Instructions: Easy to wash with standard soap and warm water. 

 Holds up to 6mL of hand sanitizer liquid, anywhere from 6 to 8 uses depending on the amount preferred.

★ Easy to refill with sharp-nosed dispenser (included with package) or remove plug for larger opening for standard sanitizer pumps.


Proper Way to Use the Sani-Band

  • Step 1:  Inject the hand sanitizer into the reservoir until it is full.
  • Step 2: Put the wristband on your wrist and adjust.
  • Step 3: Position the palm of your other hand under the dispenser. Use your thumb to squeeze the bubble to dispense a small amount into the other palm.
  • Step 4: Rub your hands together to apply the hand sanitizer to all parts of your fingers, palms, and wrists.

**To ensure the safety of our children, please make sure they are under supervision when filling up the dispenser**




  • 1 x DebonAIR™ Sani-Band 
  • 1 x Sharp-nosed Squeeze Bottle
  • Color Options: Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, White and Green
  • Size: 250 cm length x 1.8 cm width
  • 6 mL capacity (6 to 8 pumps)





If you are not completely satisfied with your DebonAIR™ Sani-Band, we will refund your purchase. We value every single customer and are always available if you have any questions.