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DebonAIR™ Shower Belt [BUY 1 GET 1 FREE]

DebonAIR™ Shower Belt [BUY 1 GET 1 FREE]

DebonAIR™ Shower Belt [BUY 1 GET 1 FREE]

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Tired of missing certain areas of your body? Let us help!


Comfort & Relief That Leave You Feeling Clean and Spotless Every Time!

✔️  Reaches all parts of your body, especially the middle of your back!

✔️  A magical massage tool that provides relaxation and comfort during your shower or bath.

✔️  Helps exfoliate your skin, offering a smooth and clean feeling afterwards.

✔️  Soft bristles designed to increase body stimulation that relieves any stress and fatigue.

✔️  Deep cleans your pores to remove excessive oil and dirt while removing dead skin cells.

✔️  Lightweight and convenient to take with you anywhere, whether you're at home or traveling.


Coolest Features with Fantastic Benefits!

➤ Grip handles on each side to provide ease of movement and speed when in use.

➤ Two-sided massage mechanism: Deep clean/exfoliate on one side and a gentle rub for therapeutic treatment on the other.

➤ Prevents the bad habit of using your fingernails to dig into your skin or brute force to deep clean.

➤ Promotes and increases blood circulation and body relaxation.

➤ No more on-going purchases of loofahs that wear and tear after just one week.


Why Everyone Needs the Shower Belt?

No More Replacements Again!

Bath sponges lose shape and form after just a few uses, the cost goes up for replacements. They are no longer effective and carry tons of bacteria over a period of time. 

High Quality Material that Lasts!

Made with durable high-grade silicone material, it is environmentally friendly and contains no harmful substances to the body and skin. 


Simple, Easy to Clean & Long Lasting

Designed to easily wipe or air dry after every use, greatly reducing the survival rate of bacteria.  Material is made to last for a very long time!

How To Use Your Shower Belt

Step 1: Wet the Shower Belt and apply body wash across bristles.

Step2: Fold the Shower Belt in half and rub bristles together to produce excess foam & lather.


➤ Material: High Grade Silicone 

➤ Color Options: Blue, Purple, Green & Pink

➤ 60cm Length x 11cm Width

➤ Package Includes: 1 x Shower Belt


If you are not completely satisfied with your Shower Belt, we will refund your purchase. We value every single customer and are always available if you have any questions.

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